Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Joerg Zumbach

Jörg Zumbach has his degree in Psychology from Heidelberg University. Since 2006, he is a full professor for science education and educational research with digital technologies. In his research, he investigates effects of digital teaching and learning, hybrid learning, collaborative learning, media and aggression, higher education and science education.

Joerg Zumbach has authored many publications in these areas and is editor as well as editorial board member of several national and international journals. He is reviewer of the German Science Foundation, the German Ministry of Education and Research, the OeAD as well as consultant for the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science, and Research.


Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Hermann Astleitner

Hermann Astleitner (born 1963, in Linz) holds a degree in educational sciences from the Paris Lodron University Salzburg and has been an associate professor for educational research since 1997. His research areas concern instructional systems design (task- and media-based learning), human development and education (critical thinking, affective learning) as well as social science research methods (theory building, intervention research). He is a member of the DLRG since June 2022.

He is a reviewer for many international research organizations and renowned journals in the fields of education research, media education, educational psychology, or teacher education. He has numerous guest professorships and teaching assignments from ETH/University of Zurich, Ministère de l´Éducation National Luxembourg, University of Erfurt, or Johannes Kepler University Linz. For further details on current research projects or teaching events visit: ORCID-IDResearchTeaching, Homepage


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Julia Eberle

Julia Eberle is a learning scientist, focusing on social aspects of learning and instruction in higher education and how they are related to self-efficacy, motivation, emotions, cognition, and behavior. 

She is interested in social relatedness, social interaction, computer-supported collaborative learning, (interdisciplinary and interprofessional) collaboration, digital learning, and social network analysis.


Mag. phil. Bettina Mann, PhD-Student

Bettina Mann has a degree in educational sciences from the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. She is currently working as a PhD Student at the University of Salzburg’s School of Education. Her research focuses on TPACK and Reflective Competences. In her thesis she investigates development and influencing factors of TPACK and reflective competences.

Moreover, she also examines correlations between reflective competences, TPACK and lesson planning as well as ways to incorporate TPACK into lesson planning.


Dr. Ines Zeitlhofer B.Ed.Univ. MEd.

Ines Zeitlhofer B.Ed.Univ. MEd. has a degree in educational sciences from the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. She currently works as PostDoc in the group. Her research focuses on interactions between metacognition and cognitive load as well as their influence on learning outcomes.

In her thesis she investigated the influence of cognitive load during learning on the activation of metacognitive awareness and its regulation through achievement activation. Besides, she is also interested in the effects of didactic methods like Desirable Difficulties and Productive Failure.


Sandra Hörmann BA., MA., Lecturer

Sandra Hörmann has a degree in educational sciences from the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. Currently, she is working as a Senior Scientist at the University of Salzburg’s Department of Educational Research. Her current research interests are teaching and learning with digital media.

In her thesis she investigates the impact of social media use on the identity construction of young adults.


Nina Rosa Hohenwarter, Research Assistent

Nina Rosa Hohenwarter is studying educational science at Paris Lodron University Salzburg and is currently in the 4th semester in the bachelor`s program. Her subjects are Nutrition and Housekeeping and Inclusive Education (Focus Disability). Nina has been a study assistant at the University of Salzburg`s School of Education since March 2023.

Hannah Zischg, Research Assistent

Hannah Zischg is currently studying education studies in the 5th semester at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. She is interested in education in connection with new media. She has been a student assistant at the School of Education since March 2023.

Fabian Altmanninger, Research Assistent

Fabian Altmanninger is studying educational science at Paris Lodron University Salzburg..