Schule 4.0

Theme module „Schule 4.0“

The concept of ‘Schule 4.0’ refers to the Federal Ministry of Education’s digitalization strategy. This strategy aims at developing pupil’s digital skills and aptitudes during the course of their school career. In this light, it is essential to foster future teacher’s digital knowledge and related didactical competences.

The module „Schule 4.0“ on media competence in the teaching field prepares pre-service teacher students with various aspects of digital education, such as the use, evaluation and design of media. The first semester provides a theoretical foundation and includes a lecture and exercises on knowledge regarding psychological learning factors. Learning theories and examples from practice are frequently supplemented with demonstrations of software.

At the same time, students gain a particular understanding of media-pedagogy in a course on relevant educational aspects. A special interest lies in the quality of e-learning products and services and in the pedagogical aspects in their use. During the second and last semester, students translate their newly acquired knowledge into practical skills. In that sense, the proseminar ‘media in class’ comprises the development of a digital didactical unit based on student’s creativity and professional interest.

Additionally, a school internship in small and disciplinary specialized groups provides learners with the opportunity to apply their developed digital units. For that purpose, the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg cooperates with local schools providing particular development opportunities with respect to communication and media-design.

Overall, this theme module promotes student’s competences in the field of media design with respect to digital learning. It enables trainee teachers to foster their knowledge on the basics of human learning and teaching and to apply this knowledge at a high technical level in class. A special focus lies on the critical evaluation of media content and media design with respect to the legal basis of media use.